Transform Your Life With JournalSpeak Integrative Coaching

Heal yourself from chronic conditions, anxiety and depression.


I am a Transformational Coach + Healer as well as a JournalSpeak Integrative Specialist, trained by Nicole Sachs, and I offer coaching for anyone who is feeling stuck in their JournalSpeak process or believes they could benefit from the support of someone who is very well-trained in this model as well as various other aspects of mental health and mind-body wellness.


This particular type of coaching is helpful for anyone who has been practicing with JournalSpeak for at least one month and is having some resistance, questions, or confusion around the process itself or their progress.

Make a Commitment 

My coaching will help you to establish patterns across your past experiences, your present-day triggers, and your limiting habits of thought and behavior.  I will also help you to work through blocks in your process, further understand and develop your relationship with yourself, as well as to explore and unearth core beliefs and issues that you may not have previously discovered.

Give Yourself Three Priceless Gifts

The Gift of Companionship

Showing up for yourself and doing this work is the ultimate gesture of self-compassion and support. At the end of the day, YOU are the one who heals you, you are the hero in this story. Prioritizing and developing your relationship with yourself through JournalSpeak is an incredibly powerful practice.

The Gift of Containment

Most of us were taught how to repress our feelings rather than how to contain and understand them in a healthy way.  JournalSpeak is a process that teaches you how to create and maintain a safe container for you to feel, express, and understand your emotions.

The Gift of Change

It is deeply important that we approach our JournalSpeak practice with an intention for radical acceptance and we must not be highly focused on using it for change.  However, when we show up for ourselves and do the work on a consistent basis, profound healing change is absolutely inevitable.

My Coaching Model

My coaching on this model will of course help you to keep your eye on those three gifts and make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of your process.

In addition to coaching you based on the JournalSpeak model and my formal education in Psychology and Social Work; I am more than happy to incorporate additional holistic healing modalities according to your needs and preferences.  All sessions and services are uniquely customized to meet the needs of each person.

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