Meet Gabriela

"...I first heard Caroline on Nicole Sachs' podcast, The Cure for Chronic Pain...

...I feel so lucky to be connected with Caroline, I feel like the universe gave me a gift...

...I just feel truly blessed to have found her and be able to work with someone who is as compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable as she is..."

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"I got exactly what I came for! I came seeking guidance on the dreams and intuition I've been having along with my experience around this whole world situation and Caroline's healing and insights were both so personal and valuable."


"The most significant thing for me was the recognition for how much pressure it has been for me to take care of my family members and not make time for myself. I got a lot of insight around that and feel better about how to take better care of myself so that I can be of more help to others and not get burned out."


"I'm so grateful for you and all the ways you help me. You gave me such valuable guidance around following my dreams and navigating the struggle of this current world situation on top of everything else. Thank you!"


"This was really blissful and soothing for me, thank you."


"You gave me a lot of comfort during this confusing time and gave me hope for the future. This was such a powerful experience - Thank You!


"It really felt like your hands were on different parts of my body even though we were on the phone which was really cool."

Brian S.

"I have been a serious meditator for nearly a quarter century, and Insight Meditation teacher for over a decade. In that time I've met and worked with the best of the best.

Caroline caught my attention while listening to a podcast, and I decided to book a session given her wide range of skills. However, my expectations were low.

Within the first 2 minutes I realized I was dealing with a true intuitive. Someone who could identify on many, many levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic).

Her empathy is through the roof; her insight is razor sharp. And her feedback was spot on. I consider her to be a truly gifted soul. She provided such value to me, and I am completely certain she will do the exact same for you!

What benefited me most was her intuition and ability to truly relate what I was saying to a higher level, and mirror it all back to me in concrete ways. It's really amazing.

She helped me work through a healing period, and demonstrate a compassionate perspective that has remained. She helped me to see that our emotional and relationship struggles are truly a part of a larger spiritual arc."

Christine B.

"Caroline is a gentle and confident professional that has really made an impact on my wellness journey.

I have attended in-person and virtual sessions with her and always come away with insights about myself and growing compassion for myself and others.

Caroline has practical tools that are so helpful and easy to integrate into daily life."

Carmen K.

"Caroline’s program has been an incredible addition to my healing process. The somatic exercises we learned helped me come back into my body and begin a new relationship with myself and my chronic pain. The class was structured in such a way that you could move through the content at your own pace, which I appreciated very much.

The support and knowledge from Caroline’s workshop, journaling prompts, and the other resources she provided, have given me the courage to finally begin weaning down / off some of the medications I have been on for years for my pain.

I would highly recommend working with Caroline in some way if you are managing chronic pain, or simply want to improve your overall life balance and relationship with yourself."


"It was really beautiful and moving. The light beings that I remember seeing in a meditation from so long ago came back and delivered such a powerful message."


"So many gold nuggets of wisdom!! Very helpful in bringing more clarity to my life right now."


"This has given me immense hope and optimism. I left my session feeling better than I did when we began. Caroline has a remarkable gift."


"This was lovely! Caroline's guidance around my pregnancy and my concerns about being a mother was really reassuring and empowering."


"She identified and verified some very personal items I have been intentionally developing and transmitted ways for how to inquire with Spirit about specific directions I am considering."


"I was very impressed with the insights and information you provided around things you could not have otherwise known. To be honest, I did not expect that to happen."

Meet Tia...

"...I would really say that Caroline has been the most helpful healing coach or even mental health professional that I've worked with in my entire life and I would recommend her to anybody."



"I'm amazed at how she was able to get such a clear sense of whats been going on with me and offer guidance around how to move forward."


"The session was very inspiring and helpful! Caroline is such a kind and compassionate person."


"I never realized that I could communicate directly with spirit, Caroline made it seem so simple and taught me a lot. This was so powerful for me. Thank you!"


"I really needed this! I could feel the healing energy even when we were just talking."


"This was really special! Caroline really connected with my higher self and my inner child and it was like she was facilitating a conversation between me and them at one point which was such a healing experience."


"You really helped me to get clarity around my fear of moving forward with healing."

Sonia's Story...

"...Caroline helped demystify the concept of spirituality by saying it's where you feel most present and most yourself.

Where had she been all my life with this definition?
That really helped.

Caroline provided encouragement when I needed it. She said it can feel like this process is taking forever, but you never know when things shift fast all of a sudden when you get to that next place..."

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"She identified something unique that happens with me, and verified that this was the direct way to connect with Spirit."


"This was so relaxing for me which is something I really struggle with -- calming down."


"It was really crazy how the things you described after the healing really matched exactly to my experience."

I feel so honored and blessed to receive all of this recognition...

Massive gratitude goes out to everyone who has taken the time to submit these beautiful messages of hope and inspiration.

And thanks to all who have been willing to invite me in, as we embark again and again, upon this incredible journey of self-healing and self-actualization which we call life.

Please know that I am here for you...

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