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No matter where you're starting from, you have the power within you to overcome your obstacles and step into a life that you truly LOVE to live. 

I can help you to get to the root of what's causing your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional suffering and teach you how to heal yourself. 

Are you ready to create and enjoy life-changing transformations from within?

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Hi, I'm Caroline. 


I'm a Transformational Coach & Intuitive Healer dedicated to helping people break free from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual struggle and begin creating a life of health and happiness according to their own personal design.

Combining over 15 years of knowledge and experience, I use the practical tools and wisdom from working as a Psychotherapist, Trauma-Informed Counselor, Somatic Expression Coach, and JournalSpeak Integrative Specialist alongside multiple modalities of Energy Medicine & Spiritual Healing.

The amalgamation of these techniques helps me to bring a unique and holistic approach to understanding and supporting people in their process of healing and personal growth.

My heart goes out to all people, animals, and environments in need. I am deeply driven and devoted to sharing my message of hope, healing, and freedom with everyone who crosses my path.

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Fundamentals of Mind-Body Wellness Workshop

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Feeling exhausted by life? Sick of managing the seemingly endless stress, anxiety, depression, and/or physical symptoms? Stuck in survival mode, where everything feels like a struggle and there’s no real end in sight? Do you find yourself thinking that this can’t possibly be the only option, but not sure how to help yourself feel healthier, happier, and more alive?

Most of us are living with the huge burden of repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, core wounds, and destructive thought and behavior habits, but I’m here to say that it's time to finally put that heavy load down.

In this free online workshop, we’ll discuss the fundamental functions of our natural ability to heal on a physical, mental, and emotional level, as well as how to become more engaged and therefore more in control of our own unique healing process. 

I will help you to deepen your understanding of how we process and release old emotional material, negative thought patterns, and chronic physical symptoms. I will also explain how you can begin to design and implement a whole new way of being, based on whatever you would most love to be, do, have, and give in this world.

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Mastering Mind-Body Wellness

Self-Guided Online Course


This life is about getting to know ourselves, love ourselves, heal ourselves and to experience all of the joys of this world; we did not come here just to suffer.

We are here to come into closer contact with the deepest parts of ourselves, to process old emotional holding patterns that keep us struggling with symptoms of all kinds, and to repattern our mindset so that we can focus on creating a life for ourselves that we actually love living.

This self-paced online course is designed to deepen your understanding and help you apply the Mind-Body healing model directly to your own life with the support of a profoundly effective and heart-centered approach.

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JournalSpeak Integrative  Coaching

60-minute sessions


Whether you've been "doing the work" for a long time or have only been at this for a little while, I can help guide you in developing your unique system for self-healing. My coaching on how to apply the Mind-Body Healing model will help you to make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of your process.

Together we will find the root causes of your present-day struggles and show you how to unravel negative patterns of thought and behavior. I will help you to deepen your understanding of how we process and release repressed emotions and set ourselves free from symptoms of chronic and stress-related illness.

In addition to coaching you based on the JournalSpeak model and my formal education in Psychology and Social Work; I am more than happy to incorporate additional holistic healing modalities according to your needs and preferences.

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Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Healing

60-minute sessions


Underneath the myriad of different healing modalities which exist across this planet and throughout time, there is one common thread. Everything is made of energy, frequency, and vibration and everything is always seeking balance.  

There are infinite methods for connecting with the source of our life force energy as well as limitless techniques for amplifying that energy for the purpose of harmonization, regeneration, and relief for our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

Due to the fact that these modalities operate primarily in the fields of consciousness (and non-physical energy), distance healing can be very effective when conducted via phone or Zoom video call.

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What Others are Saying:

Jenny S.

Caroline is everything you would hope for. She is patient, kind, wise, and a wonderful teacher.  It is a calming, inspiring, and exciting experience. I know I will use the skills and knowledge she has taught me in both my personal and professional life.

Karina N.

I felt at peace with my body, like she opened a new door that I wasn't aware of. Caroline made me feel secure and calm. I truly became a believer.  It was a wonderful experience and I will never forget it.

Miriam E.

The combination of her calming presence and the reality of her gift of healing exposed me to a connection with my body I had never expected to find.  Caroline was not only in tune with my body through her intuitive senses, but that the help and care she provides are real and measurable.

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