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This Mind-Body Wellness Resource Kit is meant to help deepen your understanding of your natural ability to heal on a physical, mental, and emotional level, as well as to show you how to become more engaged and therefore more in control of your own unique healing process.

You'll get over 30 pages worth of support in direct applications of Mind-Body Healing to YOUR personal process. My top two modalities for Mind-Body healing are JournalSpeak and Somatic Expression and I'm so excited to share these with you...


JournalSpeak is a highly transformative tool which uses a specific structure for stream-of-consciousness writing to help you process repressed emotions, identify limiting beliefs, and clear out negative patterns of thought and behavior so that you can heal and be free from chronic suffering of all kinds.

Somatic Expression includes a variety of mix-and-match techniques that will help you learn to speak your own Mind-Body Language and free yourself from suffering. By connecting directly to senses, sensations, imagery, sound, and movement through contemplative and expressive practices; you will learn to be more present with yourself and heal yourself from mental, emotional, and physical suffering.


Here's what's inside the kit:

JournalSpeak Resources

  1. Getting started with JournalSpeak
  2. My Top 5 Tips for JournalSpeakers
  3. My Top 5 Reminders for JournalSpeakers
  4. My Top 5 Writing Prompts for JournalSpeakers 




Somatic Expression Activities

You'll get detailed instructions to walk you through 4 of my most commonly used exercises. 

Through these Contemplative Self-Healing Practices you will learn to:

  1. Use image and symbol to identify and process physical & subtle sensations in the body.
  2. Use image and symbol to identify and process trapped emotions in the body.
  3. Use movement and gesture to identify and process trapped emotions in the body.
  4. Use image and movement to release trapped sensations and emotions from the body.


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