Autumn Updates : Shedding and Reflecting

Nov 19, 2022


I don't know if you've noticed it lately, but we've been working through a massive energetic shift on a global scale...


Coinciding with that, I heard I wasn't the only TMS Practitioner who hadn't seen a surge in symptoms quite like this one since 2020...


Suffice it to say, if you recently hit an especially rough patch, you are definitely not alone.

Thankfully, the dust from this most recent shake-up is now starting to settle and we are being given the opportunity to go further inward and focus more on self-care for the winter season.


When we experience the significant shift in consciousness that comes with times like these, it is as if the assemblage points of our reality have been loosened, so that we can now consciously choose how to reform and reformat our lives. 


No pressure though... Perhaps these lifestyle shifts will only occur in subtle ways for now, and that's ok because it really is all about the details anyway, isn't it?

The process of personal evolution is about making changes in the way you talk, the way you carry yourself, the way you look at yourself, the expectations and the intentions that you hold in your mind.


The fall season has a special way of promoting this natural process of shedding (whether we like it or not) as it brings to our awareness the patterns and situations that are no longer serving us.

Noticing these rough edges is enough to begin gently smoothing them down but the process does take time.

It requires us to maintain and feed this new perspective so that it can then be made manifest in our habits and choices, like new flowers coming up in spring.


Beginning to change at the level of thought and belief is the fastest path to seeing the whole world around you change...

Remember to take the opportunity this winter to slow down more, to focus on reflective planning, and to start storing up energy, ideas, and resources for next year.


Speaking of focusing inwardly…


We are just now wrapping up our second month of the Mastering Mind-Body Wellness Group Coaching Program and so far it is all unfolding beautifully.


We're moving slow, like honey, because that's what it takes to do this work and change our lifestyle.

Consistent yet gentle efforts to shift one's mindset through learning and practicing with the tools and teachings at one's own natural pace.


The purpose of my communities and teachings are not to reprogram you in the sense of a "boot camp" or "certification" style of process...

Instead, the way that I like to hold space for myself and for my community is with an open hand, and I encourage you to try this as well.


This approach is meant to help you foster your confidence which leads to a sense of calm control in learning how to manage and benefit more fully from your self-healing journey.


Doing "the work" is a lifelong journey of becoming who you truly are, who you were born to be.

And we do this by creating a really deep and spacious container where there's no pressure to perform or achieve and yet, plenty of opportunity to learn and engage at your own pace.  


Doing the work within this particular kind of community is like playing in a kid-safe zone.

A jungle gym of enrichment opportunities for you to use in the process of re-parenting, repatterning, recreating, and rediscovering yourself. 



And I know it's scary and awkward and confusing and frustrating to be learning and unlearning and trying new things. Trust me, I know.

In fact, that's a huge part of why I've created this space, and that goes for my community in general. 


I do what I do in the way that I do it because I know how hard it is to do this work and to become a more authentic version of yourself.  

I've struggled with that too... 

But there is power in numbers right? We can do it together. 



We each have to do it for and with ourselves but we don't have to do it alone.

We can move along side-by-side, in connection with one another, while traveling on parallel paths. 

And speaking of surrendering to the flow of change…


I love that I've had so many questions and comments coming in after my little announcement about shifting my work and my focus more towards the spiritual.


I'm so excited to hear that so many of you are looking to deepen, rediscover or reinvent your spiritual path with me and I cannot wait to see what we create together next.


One thing that I feel strongly is coming soon is a Podcast and a YouTube channel both of which will be largely focused on subjects related to Healing, Spirituality, and Metaphysics.


I'd love to hear from you if this is something you are interested in and also if there are things you'd like me to talk about, explain, or interview people about on the Podcast and / or on the YouTube channel. 


As always, any and all questions or suggestions are much appreciated!


Just email me here: [email protected] with your thoughts and I'll be taking it all into consideration as I go on with planning.

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