Cherishing the Moments...

Jun 20, 2024

*This is one of my favorite photographs of me and my Grandmother, its from 35 years ago when we were on a trip to Dewey Beach, and I was just a little-bitty thing.  Her name was Dolores, and she recently passed away, but today (June 20th) would have been her 90th Birthday. 

It's been a challenging loss for my family overall, but I'm so grateful for all of the special moments we were able to share together over the years.

I have had the honor of serving as steward for her beautiful home and yard, taking care of things while she was in assisted living for the past few years, and now I get to continue cherishing these sweet reminders of her every day while we make arrangements for what comes next...*


Cherishing the moments…


That's what life is really all about --right? 


This is the one thing we're usually missing, whenever we realize we're rather unhappy or totally overwhelmed with the life that we're currently living. 


This is the one thing I've had to come back to over and over again, because the truth is, if we want to feel good in the future, we've got to find a way to feel good in the now


And I know… you're probably wondering:


“How are we supposed to ‘feel good in the now’ when there's so much to do and so many difficult things going on within and all around us?


There's all of the bills to pay and jobs to do and kids to raise and mouths to feed, and not to mention all the (bad) news on TV and the politics and the wars…” 


I hear you. 


Here's the thing about all of those difficult things you have to do and deal with and worry about: 


Perhaps it's true that we have to engage with these things, and some of them are quite intensely present for us, even daily. 


But there's a difference between engaging with them and being totally consumed by them. 


And the fact is, you're not of much use to anyone or any cause when you've allowed yourself to become consumed by any of this stuff. 


Further, still, the very best contribution you can make to the greater good of all is to live your life to its highest potential for love, joy, and fulfillment.  Right?


Everyone deserves to be happy, don't you think? 


At the end of the day, it's safe to say, everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and whole. 


“But life's not fair!”


You might hear someone saying…


“And how can I be happy with so much struggle and suffering and uncertainty all around me?”


Okay, yes, let's talk about that…


Think of someone who is suffering and imagine asking them if they would feel better if you were suffering too.




In fact, you're probably thinking, they would tell you to enjoy all of the freedoms and blessings and gifts that you've got, right? 


It's not to say we shouldn't do-do-do, all of the things that we feel responsible for, or inspired to do. Go ahead and do whatever you feel called to do. Just don't overdo it. 


And try to lighten up and enjoy yourself and all of the things you do. If you can't find any opportunities to delight in the things that you're doing, then you might need to reconsider some of your lifestyle choices. 


Make sure you're not just toiling away every day to build up someone else's dreams. Or worse, doing it because you’re afraid of what will happen if you don’t... 


“What's MY Dream?”


Feel free to ask yourself this, at least once or twice every week, or maybe even every day. 


You might just discover your true purpose in life, and by staying open with this question over time, you will be guiding yourself right to the center of what matters most to the authentic person you're becoming. 


Stay open. 

Stay free.


See the dark in what appears to be all-light and see the light in what appears to be all-dark. 


Cherish the special moments every day. 


Do it as if your joy depends on it. 


It does.

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