Individuality Makes Room for Interconnectivity

Nov 22, 2021
My mother and I recently attended a workshop together called, "Thriving in a World of Change" with Bruce Lipton and Shamini Jain
The workshop focused on bridging the gaps between mind, body, and spirit and these two amazing instructors provided hard scientific research to support the ability of our conscious mind to facilitate healing within the human biofield.
The workshop was held in a beautiful natural setting in Florida and in between sessions I spent as much time as possible connecting with, appreciating, and photographing nature; but the very last photo I took on the island was the most important one of all.
There is no greater gift for the two of us than the opportunity to share our work and our deep appreciation for life together at such a consciousness-altering workshop in an unbelievably beautiful place.
"What's it like having shared interests in healing and Spirituality and a shared vision for working together as mother and daughter?"
This is a question we get all the time and my answer is this...
First of all, it hasn't always been this way, and that makes it deeply special for us. We essentially came from two totally different personal paths.
Our differences created some challenges for us in the past, as well as tremendous opportunities for growth, and so many chances to learn compassion and practice unconditional positive regard.
We've navigated our unique, yet somehow parallel paths, and converged into closeness by first being willing to align with our truest senses of ourselves.
I have always admired my mother, she's a powerhouse of a woman with an incredible drive to create a life that she loves while consistently giving, giving, giving, and then giving some more. Not to mention her graceful beauty, alluring magnetism, and glorious sense of humor.
I was always in awe of her, and grateful for the traits she models for me, but I learned early on that I was not like her in every way, and that I needed to find a path to my own version of success through self-actualization and service.
I struggled tremendously to find and feel safe within the center of my own being for much of my early life. I was gifted with such an abundant life and yet my internal world was plagued with the tortures of anxiety, depression, and inexplicable pain.
Watching me suffer must have been so insanely painful for her too, because she could not fix any of it for me, and yet she never faltered in her faith for me nor hesitated in her willingness to embrace and fully support me through it all.
I kept her (and everyone) at a distance through much of my healing journey and was only able to let others get close once I had found a way home to myself first.
Differentiation is one of the keys to healthy relationships and we have learned so much in our process of pendulating between our own individuality and interconnectedness.
There were times that I felt it was a betrayal to be different from her or the other people in my community, but over time I realized that it was not only safe but crucial for me to spin my own story of self from the center of my being.
Daring to discover myself was one of the most profoundly difficult and certainly the most important thing I've ever made the decision to do.  Walking the path of self-discovery has not always been a straightforward process but the guidance comes from within as often as we are willing to be open to it.
After years of self-exploration and self-healing, my mother and I have reconvened in service of a bigger mission. Our differences make us an incredibly dynamic duo, with life experiences to relate and teach from various angles, and so much room in our open hearts and minds to hold space for all kinds of people.
Our shared journey is one I wouldn't trade for anything and, as good as it's already been so far, I cannot wait to see what unfurls for us and through us as we go forward both together and individually.

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