JournalSpeak: An Expressive Writing Practice for Emotional Processing and Self-Discovery

Jun 02, 2023

What is JournalSpeak?

Let’s delve into the basics of JournalSpeak, a practice that helps us to express and process our emotions in a safely contained and self-soothing space.

This practice involves dedicating 30 minutes of private time to write freely without judgment or the fear of anyone reading it.

We will explore the guidelines and key components of JournalSpeak here and you can also check out the JournalSpeak Step-by-Step video on my YouTube channel for more on this process as well.


Creating Sacred Space:

When engaging in Journal Speak, it is crucial to set aside a dedicated space and time of at least 30 minutes. It is recommended to find a private space where interruptions are unlikely, ensuring a safe environment for emotional exploration. By closing the door and creating sacred space, we make a commitment to ourselves and establish trust in ourselves throughout the practice.


Commitment and Frequency:

Making and keeping promises to oneself is essential in the self-healing journey. While you are encouraged to practice it daily in order to build momentum, it's better to commit to a frequency that is sustainable for you rather than resisting doing the practice altogether if an inability to do it daily is standing in your way. Whether it's once a week or every other day, the commitment to show up, create space, and do the work is significant in re-nourishing the relationship with oneself.


The JournalSpeak Process:

To begin JournalSpeak, set a 20-minute timer and write continuously until the timer goes off. Make sure to use a simple notebook or plain paper so you can tear it up afterwards. Prompts can be used to initiate writing, such as exploring feelings or thoughts that are top of mind. However, it is essential to remain open, as the mind might lead to different subjects during the process. The prompts serve as jumping-off points rather than rigid guidelines. Additionally, it is advised to turn the timer away to avoid distractions and to resist the urge to stop prematurely. Some of the most profound insights may arise between minutes 17 and 19.


Self-Compassion and Transition:

After the 20-minute writing session, it is recommended to allocate at least 10 minutes for self-compassion. Engage in activities that provide comfort and soothe the emotions evoked during the writing process. This could include guided meditations, physical activities like walking or swimming, creative endeavors like drawing, or simply practicing self-love. These activities aid in transitioning to a new state of mind and ensure a healthy compartmentalization of emotions.


Destroying the Evidence:

Symbolically destroying the written content is an important gesture in the JournalSpeak process. It reinforces the promise made to oneself that no one will read what has been written. Even if trust exists between individuals in a living arrangement, removing the evidence helps establish trust with the subconscious mind. By fully committing to the practice and eliminating any chance of exposure, one encourages the subconscious to freely express thoughts and emotions.


The Three Lists:

The three lists serve as prompts for JournalSpeak and deeper self-exploration. The first list involves childhood experiences, childhood trauma, patterns, or significant events in the past. These are events or recurring patterns that may have had a lasting impact on you. The second list consists of present-day triggers or day-to-day stressors, which can be anything that causes consistent stress or anxiety. The third list, often referred to as personality traits, also includes core beliefs and worldviews. These are the beliefs individuals hold about themselves, the world, or other people.



JournalSpeak is a powerful practice for emotional processing and self-discovery. By providing a safe space to express thoughts and emotions, individuals can cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences. The commitment to the practice, self-compassion, and the use of prompts from the three lists facilitate healing and personal growth. Whether done daily or with any consistent frequency, JournalSpeak offers an opportunity to foster a stronger relationship with oneself and navigate life's challenges with increased self-awareness.  


If you’d like to see my Step-by-Step video on the JournalSpeak process, you can click on the image below to watch it on my YouTube channel:


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