New Year, New World

Dec 23, 2021

Things have really been falling apart in a lot of ways for us lately, haven't they?

You are so not alone if you've been feeling a bit (or a lot) overdrawn and overwhelmed with the continuous crumbling of so many things.

It hurts to let go of pretty much everything we've known as our normal, and now even letting go of the waiting for things to return to normal as well.

It's official, we are stepping into so many new things right now and my wish for you is that you can do it with as much conscious awareness as possible.


I hope that you know of your agency to choose what comes next for you, to go forward in alignment with your personal will to create a new way of being for yourself.

You are not powerless even in a world where everything can feel so out of control sometimes.

No matter what, you get to choose how you respond to life, and that gives you all the power you need.


Holiday gatherings are one of the things that in the past have been magical for some of us and a bit of a nightmare for others.

Particularly if we have been "doing the work" to help ourselves heal and step more into new ways of being, it can be really tough to engage with people who helped us learn and reinforce our old defense mechanisms and habits of thought and behavior for so long.

It may be challenging to say in alignment when you revisit those environments but its important you find ways to support yourself through that process and practice your boundaries as best you can.

Now is our chance to reinvent the way we connect and communicate, not just with each other but also with ourselves, because the climate of that inner world is where our power really comes from.

I hope you've really gotten to know yourself better in the past couple of years, I hope you've learned new ways of meeting your own needs and putting yourself first.


I have been doing a lot of work around the word integrity lately.

The most important discovery I've made is that its not just about keeping your word, its about giving your word from an aligned sense of self in the first place.

Its not just a word for being a "good person", its a word for showing up as a whole person, a fully integrated accumulation of the many parts of you.


The number one blessing we can take from all of this mess is that it has broken everything and everyone down into parts so that we can see it all more clearly.

We get to choose how we rebuild ourselves and our world going forward and that is truly a gift worth sharing.

I love you for you, exactly as you are, and I hope you are learning every day how to love yourself more and more.

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