Your Inner Guiding Light

Oct 12, 2021
As we (in the northern hemisphere) venture further into autumn, the days get shorter and we are drawn inward, while increasing lengths of darkness envelops us at night. This process can bring up a lot of heavy or sluggish energy and a desire to curl up somewhere safe.
Just like a fear of heights, a fear of the dark is fairly common. It is quite natural for us to feel uncomfortable when we cannot see as well because it feels like we are less in control.  Not to mention, when you take away one of our dominant senses, the other senses grow stronger to compensate, and experiencing the world in this way (without our eyes) forces us to rely more on feeling.
Given our cultural epidemic of dissociation and the fear of feelings that it creates, its no wonder we might tend to feel a little "off" when the season of darkness roles around.  Its a time to integrate the past several months of going-doing-becoming and being forced to slow down and look inward is just plain uncomfortable for a lot of us.
For some of us, it can also bring a sense of dread as the holidays approach.  Interestingly though, while for many of us that dread is directly associated with difficult holiday experiences, we don't necessarily realize that much of the holiday traditions were created to help ease the burden of dread that comes with this seasonal change.
It's a bit of a "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" situation... Do we feel overwhelmed by autumn because of challenging experiences around the holidays or do we have challenging experiences around the holidays because we're all carrying that burden of dread and overwhelm?
The truth is, we are cyclical creatures and we tend to create and reinforce patterns based on what we believe and how we feel. A certain balance of objectivity and subjective exploration is needed in order to truly see these patterns for what they are.
And it doesn't necessarily create massive change for us just to be aware of things like subtle shifts in "the vibes" through seasonal changes, but it is definitely true that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.
If we are willing to look inward at the subtle feelings that arise around this time of year and get to the root of their origin; we can begin to make room for what is coming up naturally, heal past wounds, and set ourselves free to appreciate all the good that is available to us in the present. 
The fact is, there are much greater truths to be found within each of us than anywhere outside of ourselves, but we must be willing to appreciate and utilize the value of that inner guidance system.  Our inner essence (or whatever you'd prefer to call it) is what shines the light for us in the dark and helps us to see clearly with our inner eyes.
This little tea bag tag (in the attached photo) made me grin so big because it's resonating so strongly with everything I've been focusing on lately, not only in developing my group coaching program but also in my personal process as well.
The awareness of this inner guidance system is so simple and so important!  It has answers to all of our questions but just like a muscle, it must be worked with in order to become stronger.
So much of what we are working to un-learn through Mind-Body Healing is this false notion that the answers to our troubles are to be found outside of ourselves.
The fact is, we already have everything we need and we are capable of giving it to ourselves, if only we could search within to find the answers to our questions.
The body is like a Morse Code transmitter, a communication device between our inner guide and our conscious mind.
When we learn to understand and speak that mind-body language we can make great strides in healing our whole selves.  The more we work to open ourselves to this conversation, the easier it is to hear that still small voice within us.
This inner guidance system is like the light in the dark, our own personal flashlight to help us gain clarity and navigate the places where we otherwise might not see a way through.
Have you made contact with this inner guidance system before?
I'm sure you have at some point, we're utilizing this system a lot more than we realize and increasing our awareness of it is part of what makes it grow.
This inner guide is the one who tells us what we need for our body, mind, and spirit to heal and it also leads us to many other decisions and discoveries.
For example, it includes our mental faculty of intuition and even something simple like, when you head out to go somewhere and get that little *ding!* "Forgot something! Go back inside!" This is your deeper mind serving you in a small but very useful way.
Thank goodness our conscious mind doesn't have to do 100% of the work or we'd really be in a mess!
Or when you meet someone for the first time and almost instantly you know that you are going to have a meaningful connection. Or the opposite, sometimes we just know that someone's giving off a "bad vibe" and we opt out of that connection as soon as possible.
What's your relationship with your inner self like?
Do you catch guidance and follow it regularly?
Have you had any of those really profound experiences where you had to "trust your gut" and it really saved you?
Or is this a totally new concept for you?
There's no wrong answer, its all a work in progress and we are all here to learn and develop further...
Share in the comments!
I'd love to hear about your thoughts/experience around this!

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